We recommend that our Auburndale, FL friends and neighbors get regular air duct cleaning.

Every year, thousands of people here in Florida spend their hard-earned money cleaning their carpets, rugs, curtains, comforters, and other frequently used surfaces. While cleaning these items is beneficial, there’s another area that should not be overlooked: air ducts! Here at United Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we recommend that our Auburndale, Florida friends and neighbors get regular air duct cleaning. Regular air duct cleaning is beneficial for the following reasons:

Better Air Quality- If you spend five minutes searching for the microscopic items floating around inside your home, you might feel a great urgency to start living in a bubble! Don’t worry- many of these microscopic bugs, germs, dust, and debris won’t hurt you. However, if you have someone in your family or workplace with immunity problems or issues with asthma or allergies, these particles can unpleasantly affect their daily life. Air duct cleaning will keep these microscopic nuisances from being circulated through the air several times daily.

Higher Efficiency-Air ducts work like a circulatory system for your home if they’re clogged or blocked, your air conditioner will have to work harder to pump air throughout the system. An inefficiently working system is one that will consume more power, and `you’ll see the difference reflected in your utility bills! Getting your dirty air ducts cleaned will enable your machine to work without hindrance, ultimately saving you money.

If you have questions about air duct cleaning for your Auburndale, Florida home or business, please contact us today here at United Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. We would love to hear from you!