Our affordable air conditioning repairs in Auburndale, FL will help you avoid larger problems down the road.

There are two dangers of neglecting air conditioning repairs when you notice your system is not performing properly. One is the fact that you are paying far more for your cooling costs than you need to be. The other is that, quite often, ignored small air conditioning repairs become much larger and more expensive repair issues, perhaps even to the point of needing to replace your unit entirely. At the very least, you could be shaving precious years off the life of your system. Don’t wait until your system goes out entirely. Instead, call us at United Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. Our affordable air conditioning repairs won’t leave you wishing you had waited.

Another way to reduce the number of air conditioning repairs your system may need is to have regular maintenance performed. Your system will last longer and will run more efficiently if you give it the regular service it needs. You could also be paying more in utility costs than you need to be, and this issue can be addressed during a maintenance check.

We have been serving the Auburndale, FL area since 1975, providing the best in air conditioning repairs, maintenance and commercial refrigeration services. We stay on top of the newest innovations in the industry to bring you the most efficient systems and thermostats available. We also perform air duct cleaning, so you can enjoy a home free of dust and allergens while enjoying your air conditioning.

We will do everything we can to keep your air conditioning system running as long as possible, but we will also let you know how much you could be saving by having a newer system installed. We carry quality brands such as Trane, Goodman and Carrier, with SEER ratings that could be saving you a bundle! Whether you need air conditioning repairs or a new system, give us a call today. Call United; They’ll Come!